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Joyce Chair Professor Scott T. Milner | Research Summary

My longstanding research interests include polymer brushes, copolymer mesophases, effects of flow on polymers and complex fluids, and rheology of entangled polymers. Current research areas include

  • Polymer dynamics (including stress relaxation in unlinked ring melts, simulating polymer motion in shear flow, polymer droplet spreading, and DNA elasticity).
  • Glassy systems (including Tg shifts in polymer thin films, mobility in dense fluids, and force chains in jammed colloids).
  • Ordering and crystallization (including rotator phases in alkanes, crystal nucleation in polyethylene, and flow-induced crystallization).
  • Polymer entanglement (including the topological origin of the tube, noninvasive methods to "see" the tube in simulations, and response of the tube to interfaces and strain).

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